Leadership in Memory Care Units

We had the privilege of having Heather as our student intern on Leadership at Woodland Ridge. She will be graduating as a Licensed Practical Nurse from Chattahoochee Tech and her involvement with our residents and staff was a delight. Read her observations while at Woodland Ridge Assisted Living. Thank you Heather for sharing on outsider’s insight.


Heather E. Ahrends
Practical Nursing Program
Chattahoochee Technical College
Leadership Observation Paper #2
May 9, 2014

This morning I decided to spend the morning in the memory care unit to observe the behaviors of the residents in the AM. The sun downing syndrome is a real and factually observation and description of patients with dementia. There is one new patient who was very aggressive yesterday morning, this morning he is calm and subdued. He did decide later in the a.m. to urinate on the dining room table. The staff has worked thoroughly to make his transition as smooth as possible.

The patients have many different ways of dealing with anxiety. It’s very interesting to see the ways they self soothe. I have definitely become attached to some of the residents. It’s so fascinating to see some of the relationships the residents have with one another. Even with the loss of memory they rely on each other and the comfort their relationships provide.

The employees in the memory care unit are wonderful replica watches. They really try to communicate and connect with each patient on a personal level. One of the residents was a preacher so the care giver asks him every morning to say a prayer with her. She gets down on her knees next to him and lets him pray for as long as he wants. Even if it takes 15 minutes she will sit there with him patiently as he searches for the words he wants to use in the prayer. This in itself ruined my makeup for the rest of day. I couldn’t help but fill up with tears when I saw her take the time out of her busy morning. It’s the little things that allow these patients to feel like they are still active in their own lives and their convictions. The love these men and women have for their patients is astounding. They act as though these ARE their family, their Mother or Father.

This facility is a wonderful place http://www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html. I’m honored to have done my leadership here at Woodland Ridge. The staff and residents are one of a kind. This has rooted a wonderful place in my heart and I will never forget the guidance, education, and training I received here.

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