Engaged Senior Living

Senior living at Woodland Ridge means choices!

Residents can choose from a variety of social, educational, spiritual and entertaining activities. Whether it is a one–on-one nature walk with a best friend or participation in our structured program, we believe engagement helps residents maintain a high quality of life. The friendships made during our outings and events are enduring, and sometimes we just marvel at how creativity and socialization bridge social gaps.

Our staff connects with residents through our Life Story™ program to bring richness to friendships made at Woodland Ridge. Additionally, we embrace our senior living community roots by enjoying local attractions.

Activities at Woodland Ridge

At Woodland Ridge, we offer a complete calendar of daily activities to promote physical wellness, social engagement, cognitive acuity, self-esteem, spiritual support, and just plain old fun.

  • Sunday church services with King Springs Baptist and mid-week church services with the Whites
  • Non-denominational Bible Study & Communion
  • Catholic rosary and communion
  • Daily exercise including yoga, Tai Chi, stretch and balance classes
  • Weekly Humane Society pet visits
  • Seasonal theater presentations
  • Wellness Checks and Screenings
  • Second Wind Dreams’ award-winning Dreams Program
  • Beauty Salon and Barber Shop
  • Southeastern Greyhound Club pet therapy
  • Resident Council
  • Girl Scouts Visits
  • Cooking Club
  • Word/Brain Games
  • Wii Games
  • Men’s Club
  • Craft classes
  • Outings for lunch or shopping or scenic rides
  • Seasonal events and parties
  • Mobile Podiatrist
  • Mobile Dentist