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How to Start the Conversation

An Excerpt from this eBook…

One of the most common questions we field at Woodland Ridge is, “What is the best way to discuss moving mom into assisted living?” She never wants to have the assisted living conversation, right?

When we as children of the aging parent encounter such resistance and lack of urgency,  especially those in the face of mounting physical and safety concerns, do we insist on change?

At the core of the discussion is a simple idea – any type of move away from home is a loss. As an adult child, to fail to empathize with this loss of the familiar and their independence cannot be taken lightly. There is grief with the loss and we see all the elements of the grief cycle of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression before we see embracing new possibilities.

If your loved one is suffering memory loss, it might take more than one conversation to  introduce and reinforce the value of assisted living.

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