They Call It SimpleC

I was first introduced to the concept of SimpleC at a conference on dementia. Like many new ideas, I took a wait-and-see approach because it could well have been one of those here-and-gone ideas that never matured.  To our good fortune the fledgling company did grow and it’s SimpleC Companion is now considered to be a state-of-the-art tool for bringing quality of life to the elderly with cognitive and behavioral disturbances.

The idea is simple and follows what we know to be basic tools in therapeutic behavior modification in dementia. Approach gently, address simply and directly, use images and sound that are soothing and familiar, repeat. Then they developed high-tech tools to make those techniques consistently possible and reliably personal.

The best description of the SimpleC Companion that is now in use in The Meadows at Woodland Ridge was published in a journal from Georgia Tech that worked with co-founder, Jason Zamer, on the development of the product.

“SimpleC helps elderly adults suffering from dementia, depression, and other mental ailments by employing a customized non-drug intervention delivered via touch screen computer directly to the individual. Pictures, music, voices, and other memorable elements of an individual’s life are collected and entered into a customized delivery system that then creates a uniquely profound visual and auditory experience. The content is presented in such a way to be pleasantly and powerfully evocative so that the memory centers of the brain are exercised and strengthened, which positively affects mood, participation in social activities, and overall mental health. All of these effects foster a much healthier life for not only the patient, but also the caregiver and the family, who experience much more pleasant interactions with their loved ones.”

Since the company began research, the work has been honed, tested, and studied in a variety of settings for efficacy.   We are very excited to incorporate this high-tech, high-touch, tool into the the Memory Care Program here at Woodland Ridge.

Woodland Ridge C.E.O., Beth Cayce, writes, ”SimpleC is the best audio-visual medium to reinforce our Best Friends Program at Woodland Ridge. Thank you for this creative approach to Memory Care.”

We invite you to stop by Woodland Ridge and experience SimpleC for yourself.  See why we have so enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of this valuable addition to our program.

-Woodland Ridge Assisted Living & Memory Care Community, Smyrna, GA.

SimpleC works with experts from geriatric medicine, rehabilitative medicine, psychology, geriatric nursing, and industrial design. Multidisciplinary academic support teams includes top tier institutions and programs, such as:

  • Emory University Department of Medicine
    • Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology
  • Georgia State University
    • Institute of Gerontology
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
    • School of Psychology
    • School of Architecture – Industrial Design
    • Aware Home
  • Vanderbilt University
    • School of Education


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