Iron Man Lew

Woodland Ridge Senior Health News
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Meet real life Iron Man Lew Hollander. He’s the oldest man on the planet to contend in an Iron Man… ever!

Throughout the previous three years, he’s been setting records each time he has laced up and raced an iron man. He’s the most seasoned individual that ever lived to finish the accomplishment. An iron man comprises of:

  • a 2.4-mile swim
  • a 112 mile bike ride
  • a 26.2 mile run

Just imagine yourself at 85 running this incredible list of accomplishments together as one goliath race. Hollander was 82 when he first broke the Guinness World Record for Oldest Ironman. Today he is preparing for his 59th race (and planning to break his own personal record).

What’s even more captivating – Lew didn’t even start contending in Ironman rivalries until he was 55 years of age. “Use it or lose it,” he joked. Lew is a testament of what the psyche and body can do with determination and confidence.