Introducing Our New Care Partner: Legacy Healthcare Services

Legacy Healthcare ServicesWoodland Ridge Assisted Living & Memory Care is proud to announce our partnership with Legacy Healthcare Services! Legacy Healthcare Services will be opening an on-site clinic to provide full-time rehabilitative therapy services for residents at Woodland Ridge beginning in January 2017. Beth Cayce, owner of CaraVita Home Care, the management company for Woodland Ridge, says, “We’ve been waiting for Legacy to come to Georgia because we’ve had such a wonderful relationship with them at a community in South Carolina.” Cayce says her experience with Legacy has been so positive because the Legacy staff become an extension of the family that serves the residents not only with their particular expertise, but also with compassion and a sense of caring.

Legacy Healthcare Services will offer a full-spectrum therapy program. Their mission is to improve residents’ functional independence and to help each resident in their program reach his or her maximum potential. Paige Johnson, Legacy Therapy Services’ area rehab manager, says the group “is very honored to join the Woodland Ridge family” and emphasizes that “Legacy’s primary goal and focus is improving quality of life and function for the residents within the Woodland Ridge community through providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy services with therapists who are extensively trained to provide the best quality therapy to the geriatric population with a strong focus on dementia abilities and achieving results.” Johnson also touts statistics from Legacy’s work in reducing the number of falls at communities with similar full-time therapeutic programs.

Having access to full-time therapy services on site and knowing the therapist as a member of the community will have many benefits for Woodland Ridge residents. Participants can expect to have therapy treatment from two to five days a week, depending on the evaluation of needs and the therapist’s recommendation.

The therapy services offered at Woodland Ridge through our partnership with Legacy Healthcare Services are typically covered by insurance. Legacy staff will verify insurance coverage and discuss options with residents and families before beginning any therapy program. Look for more information soon as we bring our new partner on board!