Celebrating “Old Age”

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Celebrate Old AgeWhat, exactly, does “old age” mean? Well, chronologically, of course, it’s celebrating lots and lots of birthdays. Socially, physically, mentally, and emotionally, the term “old age” can have many different meanings. Traditionally, we’ve viewed old age as a time of limitations, but we’re seeing more and more people who are challenging the traditional notions of what it means to grow old.

There’s even a national week recognizing people who don’t act their “old age.” Wellderly Week begins on March 20th this year and celebrates seniors who are young at heart. They are living well and are elderly—and showing us all that it’s possible to enjoy life and have fun throughout our golden years.

What are our residents’ secrets for being among the wellderly? We think being wellderly has a lot to do with attitudes and opportunities. So at Woodland Ridge Assisted Living, we offer a variety of ways to have fun, to socialize, and to laugh with others. We have residents who love to sing, who love to dance, who love to play games, who love to take walks, who love to read, who love to garden, who love to have new experiences. Continuing to do the things we love helps us have attitudes that defy “old age” and keep us young at heart.

A famous saying goes, “Old age is a privilege denied to many.” Remembering that old age is, indeed, a privilege and keeping a commitment to live life to the fullest extent possible will most certainly ensure that we’re among the wellderly. We’d love to hear your stories of wellderly folks you know!