Ray and Carolyn – November Residents of the Month

Woodland Ridge Resident Spotlight
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Ray and Carolyn - November Residents of the Month

Ray hails from the rural community of Lynd, MN, where he helped his family on the farm, learned to swim in a gravel pit and was voted “Best Looking Boy” at his high school. He also lettered in Basketball, Football, and Track. Ray’s story also includes his Army service and his many years of government employment with NASA and the Centers for Disease Control.


But through the majority of his life, his wife Carolyn was beside him through his journey as they moved for job relocations and she remains beside him today. So it seems only fair that Ray and Carolyn share the “Resident of the Month” honor here at Woodland Ridge.

You can’t miss Ray in our memory care unit. He is usually sporting a plaid shirt and colorful vest combination, and he lights up the room when he flashes his winning smile. He may not say much but all you have to do is stare into those steely blue eyes, and you can connect with him in a way that doesn’t require words.

Twice a day, Carolyn comes to our community to spend time with the love of her life. Now that she is retired, she can spend even more time helping feed Ray and showing the residents and staff what real love looks like. Ray is also blessed with some steadfast church buddies that come and bring him ice cream on Wednesdays as well.

Ray and Carolyn’s marriage shows us that the measure of a man is not only based on his life’s work but can also be illustrated by the strength of his relationships. We are honored that they chose Woodland Ridge where we get to see that kind of love and dedication played out on a daily basis. I guess you can see why we couldn’t choose one to be a resident of the month without including the other. They are a package deal.