Charlotte – December Resident of the Month

Woodland Ridge Resident Spotlight
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Charlotte has a very interesting background and also does a mean hula dance both which qualifies her to be Resident of Month for December! Charlotte was born in New Jersey (or Jersey as she fondly calls it) and also spent a year in Paris, France when she was six years old. From her childhood, she remembers making model airplanes during the war that were given to the military so that they could identify enemy planes in WWII.
One of the things that we love about Charlotte is her unique ability to be proficient in both right and left-brain activities. 
Charlotte went to Barnard College in New York City and upon graduation became an upper-level high school math teacher. When she eventually moved to the Georgia area, she taught math at both Marietta High School and Sprayberry High School. She was head of the Math department as well as the facilitator of the Math Club for many years. She also likes to fix things, if she has the right materials to do so. She recalls that she always able to fix the dreaded tangled necklace chains for her family and friends. She has always had the patience and skill to get those small knots out of delicate chains. How much more left-brained could a person be, right?
However, Charlotte has some real right-brained proclivities as well. She is an accomplished painter and gardener. Many of her beautiful paintings hang in her apartment at Woodland Ridge which includes still-lifes, florals, and landscapes. Perhaps they were inspired by her beautiful personal garden which has always been another one of Charlotte’s hobbies. She loves to read poetry as well. 
Charlotte has been a great addition to our community. She loves to participate in our musical events which is where she perfected her hula and has been a multi-year contestant in Dancing with the Senior Stars. Fun fact—she has a special love of Mid 20th Century French music. All-in-all we are so happy to get to hang out with Charlotte in our community!