Oscar Galvez – December Employee of the Month

Woodland Ridge Employee of the Month
Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s quite a long way to go from a P.E. Teacher in Guatemala to a Maintenance Director in Smyrna, Georgia but we are happy that Oscar Galvez, our Maintenance Director, found his way to Woodland Ridge! We are happy to honor him with our Employee of the Month Award. One of the things that stands out about Oscar is his smile and attitude which becomes obvious as you see him all over our property. Woodland Ridge was built in the 1970’s so you can imagine that the maintenance department is faced with challenges on an ongoing basis. But Oscar is definitely up to the challenge with his diverse skillset as he unclogs sinks, hangs miniblinds and puts out pine straw. It’s all in a day’s work.

He recently completed coursework to become certified as an HVAC Technician. Oscar has an extensive background in remodeling and he feels like working at Woodland Ridge is exactly where he is supposed to be. We can actually, in part, thank his wife for sending his resumé which eventually lead him to us. He loves to work and is particularly motivated by challenges. He can often be found here on weekends painting a room or overseeing new flooring installations. But make no mistake…..he could have gotten a job in a lot of different industries but he didn’t. He loves working in the senior living industry because of the residents. Oftentimes he can be seen walking down the hall on his way to attend to something that needs fixing but he never just briskly walks passes a resident. He always stops to share a hug, a funny story or even a quick dance. Engaging with the residents and creating a comfortable environment for them is what gives him the most pleasure! Thanks for being a star employee, Oscar!