Jackie – January Resident of the Month

Jackie is our resident of the month for January. Here is a little bit of her story and why she is so special to us.

As soon as the beauty salon opens at Woodland Ridge, you can bet that Jackie Sherrer is always the first person in line. She patiently waits to get her hair styled before beginning her week.

Jackie is a Georgia native and grew up on a farm located in Cumming, Georgia, way before subdivisions dotted the landscape. Her family grew cotton and corn, and she even remembers having an outhouse. During her 30 year career, she performed office work for General Motors in the Oldsmobile plant in Doraville. Jackie shared that one of her employee benefits was a discounted car.

One year, Jackie and a friend took a trip to Callaway Gardens and on their way back they encountered a car with two young men traveling the same road. The young men took notice of the two lovely ladies and began waving at them in a flirtatious way. They ended up meeting at their destination and exchanged phone numbers. This is how Jackie met the love of her life and husband, Al. Admittedly, Jackie does not necessarily recommend meeting men this way, but it sure worked great for her then. They were married 30 wonderful years, and in her room at Woodland Ridge, there is a beautiful picture of them taken at Christmastime.

Jackie has been at Woodland Ridge for 4 years and is always friendly and sweet to everyone that she sees. She is often heard saying, “hey, baby” to her friends and our staff. Her upbeat attitude is contagious throughout the building. She has participated in Dancing with the Senior Stars each year and even consented to do a marketing video about Woodland Ridge. She is beautiful inside and out, and the staff feels privileged that we get to live in her house 9-5 throughout the week. Congratulations, Jackie, on being our resident of the month for January!