Kamal Dixon – February Employee of the Month

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Kamal Dixon

Kamal Dixon, from Dietary, is our February Employee of the Month. Kamal was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and went to Florida A&M where he earned a criminal justice degree with a minor in social work. Kamal did work as a Child Investigator in Orlando but ended up transferring here to Atlanta to work at DFACS and eventually switching to Elder Abuse cases. He has two brothers still in Florida and a sister that lives in Great Britain. His father was a painter and electrician, and his mother was a supervisor at a jail. He works at Woodland Ridge, part-time, to pay off some debt that he had accumulated but he has a great attitude, full-time. He is always smiling as he delivers meals to different parts of our building.

Kamal’s hobbies include shopping for clothes and watching reality TV when he is not working two jobs!! His dream is to be on a reality TV show. Which isn’t too farfetched since there is a lot of TV being filmed here in Atlanta now. He particularly likes The Real Housewives of “pick any city.” But perhaps he needs to audition for a reality dancing show instead since he has won several dance contests over the years. One time he was in the audience at “The Monique Show,” and they asked if anyone would like to compete in a dance contest. He was one of three people selected from the audience, and he won it for a hip-hop, freestyling number he made up on the fly. The second dance contest he won was on a recent trip to Mexico around Halloween. He came to a party dressed up like Run DMC, but he won the competition by dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Kamal is currently developing a monthly podcast with a panel of his friends which cover current hot topics.

We don’t think Kamal ever slows down unless it is to eat a plate of blackened salmon, which is his favorite food. But the one thing that sums up Kamal the best is the following example of something that is not in his job description. We have a family member that comes almost every night to feed her husband dinner, but by the time she is ready to leave, it is usually late. Our parking lot is somewhat secluded, and in the winter, it can get very dark outside. Kamal always volunteers to walk her out to her car when he is here. It’s that kind of attitude that made Kamal a natural choice for February’s Resident of the Month.