Nestor Kamgang – April Employee of the Month

NestorThe Republic of Cameroon is a French-speaking country in central Africa located near Chad and Nigeria, and it is also the home country of our Employee of the Month, Nestor Kamgang!

Nestor first came to the United States about three years ago. In Cameroon, he was an accountant, but since he has been in Atlanta, he has been working as a Med Tech for us in both our Memory Care and Assisted Living communities. Nestor does not think it is too much of a stretch to go from accounting to being a Med Tech, because both require high attention to detail. He was drawn to caregiving because of tragically watching his father suffer before he passed away. He found out about Woodland Ridge when he met one of our caregivers while they were both attending CNA School.

Our residents are very fond of Nestor, and many of them call him “Doctor Nestor.” When asked how he got that nickname, he just laughed and said that he gave himself the name. He works a lot but twice a month, on Saturdays, he plays soccer with a group of buddies. He also likes to cook his native African meals and knows all the places to get spices and other ingredients he needs to create his hometown, comfort food. We asked him if he had a favorite food from America and he enthusiastically said, “Fried Chicken!”

One day, Nestor was trying to direct one of our Memory Care residents to sit down on a sofa. Between her confusion and bad eyesight, it took a good five minutes to finally get her to sit down comfortably. The entire time, Nestor coaxed and directed her until she finally sat. His patience with her demonstrates why this is more than a job for Nestor and one of the reasons that we are proud to have him work with us. Congratulations on being Employee of the Month, “Doctor” Nestor!


It takes hard-working, enthusiastic employees to provide an excellent experience for all of our residents at Woodland Ridge. If you are interested in having amazing and warmhearted individuals care for your loved one, then contact one of our care counselors today!