Reading Time: 2 minutes We love to acknowledge our residents and we’re excited to announce that the Woodland Ridge July Resident of the Month is Virginia! Born and raised in Uniontown, Pennsylvania with two brothers and one sister, she learned to love baseball because her brothers took her to the games – truly a family bonding experience. After attending Read More

Reading Time: 2 minutes Congratulations Paula Patterson, Woodland Ridge Medical Technician, our July Employee of the Month! Paula, originally from Kingston, Jamaica is the oldest of 7 children. Paula has 2 children of her own and 3 grandchildren. Her father had initially come to the United States to attend Tuskegee University on a scholarship for Economics. Since Paula and Read More

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your immune system does a remarkable job of protecting your body from disease-causing microorganisms. Sometimes, though, a germ still finds its way into your body, and before you know it, you’re sick with a fever or a horrible cough. Woodland Ridge knows that staying healthy is essential for older adults, so we have compiled this Read More