Paula Patterson – July Employee of the Month

Paula Woodland Ridge

Congratulations Paula Patterson, Woodland Ridge Medical Technician, our July Employee of the Month! Paula, originally from Kingston, Jamaica is the oldest of 7 children. Paula has 2 children of her own and 3 grandchildren. Her father had initially come to the United States to attend Tuskegee University on a scholarship for Economics. Since Paula and her family have arrived, she has become attached to certain American traditions.

  • Paula loves dogs, especially her fur baby, Neko who is a border collie mix.
  • She also enjoys reading. Her favorite authors are Danielle Steele & James Patterson.
  • Her favorite tv shows are Atlanta Housewives, old movies on TNT, and TV Land.
  • Favorite food is a Jamaican dish called stewed peas.

Paula is also a song connoisseur! She knows so many songs because she listened to the radio nonstop growing up! Don’t challenge her in Name That Tune…because she will win!

Paula has the perfect personality to work with memory challenged residents. She is upbeat, caring, and provides close attention to each and every one of her residents. She likes to help be her residents “eyes and ears,” in the event they cannot express what they want. She prides herself on knowing her residents well enough to sense their needs.

Having worked at Woodland ridge for 16 years, Paula has a true gift for individuals experiencing memory loss. Her favorite thing about working at Woodland Ridge is to see her residents happy!

We love having Paula in our Woodland Ridge family! She is excellent at what she does, and this is evident on the faces of those she serves. If you have a passion for helping others, contact our team today!