Geneva – August Resident of the Month

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Meet our August Resident of the Month, Geneva! Originally from Alco, Louisiana, Geneva worked most of her life on her family farm. She remembers doing chores such as going out into the woods, collecting dogwood tree branches, and “sweeping the dirt yard”.

Geneva loves fishing; she used to carry her fishing pole on the school bus and after her route, would find a good place to fish for Brim, Blue Gill, and Catfish. If she caught a fish “bigger than a butter bean,” she wouldn’t throw it back. She would use it as bait for Catfish.

Geneva has five siblings; two sisters and three brothers. One of Geneva’s jobs was working at Sears, and she also drove a school bus for many years.

During WWII, there were so few men available for work, that she and her sister worked at several military locations and ended up in Jackson, Mississippi at a VA Hospital. Eventually, Geneva met her husband Leonard in Jackson where he worked at the Inspector General’s office. He also worked at the Clayton County Police Department where he was placed at the Forest Park Farmer’s Market.

GenevaGeneva and Leonard had two sons, Steve and Monty. She and Leonard liked to travel and were married for 39 years. They went all over Florida, Canada and along Route 66. She was interested in looking at nature not urban cities.

During her interview, the two bird feeders that are suction-cupped to her window were constantly filled with beautiful birds. But these aren’t her only visitors as her friends and family file in and out of her room daily or attend activities with her. The kindness that emanates from Geneva overflows into the community, and we are delighted to share in her optimism.

Geneva’s son told us, “when she moves in, she will light the place up with her sunshine.” …and we must say, we truly agree! We are so privileged that she has chosen our community! We love having the opportunity to hang out with her because when you walk away from talking to Geneva, you just feel better, and brighter – like walking away from sunshine.

Geneva’s advice to young people is this…

“Be kind and thoughtful to people. Enjoy life every day – because you don’t know what tomorrow brings.”

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