Gloria – November Resident of the Month

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We are excited to announce that our Resident of the Month for November is Gloria!

Gloria is from Atlanta, Georgia, but spent much of her youth in Chicago, Illinois. From ages 6 to 19, Gloria was a dancer and even ran her own dance studio for classical ballet. During this time, she choreographed a children’s ballet to “Rip Van Winkle”.

Besides dancing, her favorite activity growing up was Girl Scouts and she was the co-leader of a Girl Scout Brownie Troup throughout grades 9 and 10. Leading the Girl Scouts is an activity that Gloria continued after her marriage, as well.

When she went off to the University of Georgia her interest turned to writing. While still in college, she wrote a manuscript about “The New Yorker” and after graduating, was offered a position with the famous magazine! She has copies of the magazines that ran her stories.

After her marriage, while living in Macon, Georgia, one of Gloria’s proudest achievements was creating “Project Embrace” where she contacted school children to write letters to military service members. Gloria was instrumental in coordinating the civilian and military staff, contacting the schools and making sure the letters were delivered to service members around the world, especially those near war zones. Over 10,000 letters were mailed through this project! She also worked at the Robins Air Force Base during this time. Gloria says her greatest life achievement is her family – three children and five grandchildren; “they are the loves of my life!”, she says.

At Woodland Ridge, you can find Gloria going on most outings. She was particularly excited to go to Nickajack Elementary School and read to the second graders (we do this every Friday morning during the school year).

Other favorite activities for Gloria include music, painting class, eating out, sight-seeing and shopping. Gloria loves the pets that visit and could hardly tear herself away from the baby goats at our Fall Festival’s petting zoo! For years, she had a sweet dog named Freeway that was another special part of her life.

In Gloria’s own words,

“I thank my heavenly Father for His mercy and comfort here at Woodland Ridge. I am comfortable and feel comforted at all times. The entire staff is professional and comforting. I truly appreciate each staff member. They make us feel like one big family. In addition, the inside of the building and the outside grounds are always kept clean and neat. Woodland Ridge is the home for me.”

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