Ruth – October Resident of the Month

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Ruth is Woodland Ridge‘s October Resident of the Month! Ms. Ruth is originally from Moultrie, Georgia and was the second in line of three girls and two boys in her family. Her mother was a teacher and also an excellent cook. So good that after WWII she stopped teaching and did catering! Ms. Ruth’s dad was in the Navy during WWII and she remembers him always saying, “Get an education.” All 5 children have college degrees – the three girls in teaching, one brother is a chemist and the other an engineer.

Ms. Ruth majored in English, graduated from Fort Valley State University and went on to teach high school English for nine years. Ms. Ruth met her husband while they were both in college at Fort Valley. He went on to join the Army and during the Vietnam War, Ms. Ruth lived in Germany and taught 6th grade at an American school there.  She says that’s when she learned that teaching 6th grade was her favorite.

Ms. Ruth’s husband got his degree in social work and worked for the Job Corp helping to relocate people and helping them find work. Ms. Ruth and her husband have one daughter who followed in their footsteps going on to college and graduating from Georgia Tech. When asked about sports she plays, Ms. Ruth said she loved high school basketball and the drama classes, too!

For hobbies, Ms. Ruth loves to read and to work with the youth which she did at her AME church. She’s a life member of her church’s missionary society. Other recognitions include Teacher of the Year at her school and County Teacher of the Year, too! At Woodland Ridge, you can find Ms. Ruth participating in many of the activities. Her favorites include reading to the children at Nickajack Elementary School and music activities. She loves the Atlanta Braves, too!

We love Ms. Ruth’s happy outlook on life and her willingness to help everyone, and we love having her as part of our Woodland Ridge family!