Our Residents & Families – May Resident of the Month

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Woodland Ridge nominates all our residents as our Resident of the Month for May. During this time of uncertainty, our residents have proven that they can be the voice of calm reassurance.

Many of our residents remember the days of polio and tuberculosis epidemics. They have been isolated longer than the rest of us because their age group is most susceptible to this dreaded virus, as well as the mandates regarding senior care communities, and they have dealt with it in the true “Greatest Generation” style. No complaints; instead their attitude is, “Don’t worry about me” or offering a “What can I do to help?” They have stepped up to go above and beyond.

Our residents have wonderful families, as well. Their children have been so responsive to drop off whatever is needed, to provide a treat for all of us, and to visit through the windows or wave at the front door. Visits have also been through the use of computers and apps such as Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. Our Woodland Ridge family members have been so understanding, with no complaints or impatience. There is a real understanding that we are all in this together.

Our residents are from many places from Massachusetts to Florida and Georgia to Louisiana. While we have many native Georgians, we find we all have much in common. Our residents have had many exciting careers and experiences that we love to hear about. They love to go to church, listen to music, play bingo, do crafts, and exercise. They still love to go places; out to eat, the movies, shopping, and to read to the second graders at Nickajack Elementary. They are still involved in the world and love their families the most.

We have become a second family here at Woodland Ridge. They’ve made new friends and look out for each other. We love our residents, and they love us too. We are blessed to know and care for each and every one.