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Elder Care Smyrna GA - Resident Spotlight February 2021

Elder Care Smyrna GA – Resident Spotlight February 2021

In our resident spotlight for February is Ms. Mary. She was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and had 3 siblings. Her younger brother, David and Ms. Mary were very close. The story goes that every day they were to fetch water for the house. They had a bucket and a stick to carry the bucket. Ms. Mary always told David to stand on the same side of the stick, knowing he would carry most of the load from that side. Ms. Mary loved to play tricks on her little brother! Ms. Mary’s mother was a seamstress and made clothes during the depression. A wealthy neighbor purchased these dresses just to help the family out. As a result, Ms. Mary was named after this neighbor and so is Ms. Mary’s granddaughter. Continue reading

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Caregiver Smyrna GA - We Celebrate at Woodland Ridge that we are able to #FightBack #VaccinationsSaveLives

Caregiver Smyrna GA – We Celebrate at Woodland Ridge that we are able to #FightBack #VaccinationsSaveLives


On January 2, 2021, Woodland Ridge residents, staff and healthcare partners were able to receive their first dose of the Moderna vaccine. We will receive the second dose on January 30. We are happy to report that currently we are over 85% vaccinated and Physicians Pharmacy is helping with new admissions and staff. Please join us in getting to herd immunity soon and reuniting families!





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10 Important Facts about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Assisted Living Smyrna GA - 10 Important Facts about the COVID-19 Vaccine1. How many vaccines have been approved in the US? There are two as of Jan 5, 2020 Pfizer and Moderna but there are many more in use in other countries and in the pipeline. Continue reading

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March is Optimism Month and for an elderly person making the transition to assisted living, it can be a difficult one. There might be a number of reasons why this individual has difficulty staying positive about the upcoming move.

There are several things family and friends can do to support this individual, but there are also things the senior can take charge of that will hopefully making more positive transition. Continue reading

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In our staff spotlight for January is Juan Venegas, our Dietary Director. Juan is originally from Costa Rica where he grew up as an only child, helping out in his parents Cantina, even as a little boy. He says he grew up cooking! Since coming to the United States, Juan has worked in many venues, from the Sugarloaf Country Club, the Grand Occidental Hotel and Hilton Hotel to senior communities like Merrill Gardens and Mansions. Juan does cooking for some of the larger churches and the Roswell Rotary too. Continue reading

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In our resident spotlight for January is Shirley McGahan. Ms. Shirley was born in Cinncinnatti, Ohio in a family with 7 children, 6 girls with one little brother. The family moved to Summerset, Kentucky when Ms. Shirley was 8 years old. Ms. Shirley remembers meeting her husband, Richard while he was in the Army. She was 18 when they married and they nearly made it to 60 years married before he passed away. They moved to Smyrna, Georgia where Richard worked for Lockheed as an engineering artist and Ms. Shirley worked for Hanover Insurance Company in accounting. Ms. Shirley said all her jobs involved counting money, including for 12 years for her church, Macland Baptist. They later attended Hurt Road Baptist for years as well. After retiring from accounting, Ms. Shirley had a second career working as a substitute teacher in Cobb County schools. Continue reading

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Millions of Americans survive with coffee every morning. Many of these people will admit they can’t really get started with their day until they have their 1st cup of coffee. It’s the caffeine that helps to kick things into gear, so to speak. As a family caregiver, you may feel overwhelmed at times and need extra caffeine throughout the day, but is that going to solve the challenges you face? Continue reading

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Your mother may be considering assisted living. That’s a wonderful thing. But perhaps one key issue is her beloved pet. She has no desire to separate from this furry companion, but if she chooses assisted living, is that what’s going to happen?

It all depends on the facility.

Each assisted living facility is different, so it’s important not to conflate all of them with the rules and expectations of one. Some assisted living communities do provide opportunities for aging seniors to have a small pet with them. Continue reading

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