Resident of the Month – January 2021

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Elderly Care Smyrna GA - Resident of the Month - January 2021
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In our resident spotlight for January is Shirley McGahan. Ms. Shirley was born in Cinncinnatti, Ohio in a family with 7 children, 6 girls with one little brother. The family moved to Summerset, Kentucky when Ms. Shirley was 8 years old. Ms. Shirley remembers meeting her husband, Richard while he was in the Army. She was 18 when they married and they nearly made it to 60 years married before he passed away. They moved to Smyrna, Georgia where Richard worked for Lockheed as an engineering artist and Ms. Shirley worked for Hanover Insurance Company in accounting. Ms. Shirley said all her jobs involved counting money, including for 12 years for her church, Macland Baptist. They later attended Hurt Road Baptist for years as well. After retiring from accounting, Ms. Shirley had a second career working as a substitute teacher in Cobb County schools.

Elderly Care Smyrna GA - Resident of the Month - January 2021

Elderly Care Smyrna GA – Resident of the Month – January 2021

Ms. Shirley and her husband have 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. She loves to spend time with all those little great-grandsons and is looking forward to another great-granddaughter due to be born soon.

Ms. Shirley and her husband traveled on 11 cruises and “drove all over the country.” Her favorite place to go was to their condo in Daytona Beach, Florida. Here at Woodland Ridge, Ms. Shirley loves to play bingo, the music activities and Bible study. She also loves her afternoon soap operas!

When talking about Woodland Ridge she says, “I love it here, I feel so at home.” We’re so happy to have Ms. Shirley as part of our Woodland Ridge family. She truly lives up to her maiden name, Angel.


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