Small Town Charm: Welcome to Smyrna, Georgia

  Picture this: you begin your day with a fresh cup of coffee while overlooking the courtyard and gardens. You sit quietly, enjoying the morning sun on your face, and planning out your day. Should you stop by the barbershop or beauty salon for a freshening up? Head over to Cobb County Rhyne Park for […]

What Are the Most Beneficial Vitamins for Seniors?

What Are the Most Beneficial Vitamins for Seniors?_ Woodland Ridge

As we age, what our bodies require can shift. This includes the types of vitamins we consume, and how much we consume. Having a nutrient or vitamin deficiency as an older adult can cause significant effects on overall health and wellbeing.

Depression in Seniors: Overcoming Stigmas

Depression in Seniors: Overcoming Stigmas by Woodland Ridge

Understanding and recognizing depression, especially in seniors, can be difficult. With over 300 million people worldwide showing symptoms of depression, it is a widespread problem, yet it continues to endure unyielding stigmatization.

Activities at Woodland Ridge that Benefit (& Boost!) Senior Health

Woodland Ridge - Activities with Health Benefits to Seniors

At Woodland Ridge, we offer a variety of activities that provide health benefits to our residents. These activities do not need to include strenuous work; many, less intense activities offer just as much health benefits to seniors! The approach at Woodland Ridge is simple; provide our residents with activities that improve their health. We include […]

Senior Transportation Options & Tips

Woodland Ridge - Senior Transportation Options and Tips

As you get older, you may no longer have access to a car or it may feel more challenging to travel. However, there are plenty of senior transportation options available to get you where you need to go. Woodland Ridge Assisted Living understands the importance of senior transportation and how it can affect your feeling […]

Senior Care: Navigating the Caregiver Journey

Woodland Ridge - Navigating The Senior Caregiver Journey

When a loved one reaches their golden years, a primary caregiver may be needed to assist them with their needs. Caregiving is acknowledging a loved one’s mental and physical needs and finding someone to provide the best care for them possible. The caregiving journey can be a stressful surprise even for the most stress-free people. […]

The Value of a Senior Living Community

Woodland Ridge Affordable Senior Living Blog

Today, many senior living communities are tailoring communities to offer a variety of resort-style amenities including common spaces that appeal to the senior demographic. With this change in the industry, it has become increasingly important for those seeking to provide a place for a parent or seeking to help out an elderly loved one to […]

Respite Care: A Short-Term Care Option in Smyrna, Georgia

With the number of seniors living with Alzheimer’s in America increasing, there is also an increasing need for caregiving. Whether formal or informal, taking care of another individual with deteriorating cognitive abilities can take a toll on the caregiver. For most adult children, their parent’s needs will fall on them, and the weight of caregiving […]

Woodland Ridge Assisted Living Spring Activities

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the breeze is warm, those are all beautiful effects of springtime. Getting out into the fresh air after being cooped inside all winter long is so rejuvenating for the soul, mind, and body. Spring is the perfect season to dust off your bike or clean out the […]