The Value of a Senior Living Community

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Today, many senior living communities are tailoring communities to offer a variety of resort-style amenities including common spaces that appeal to the senior demographic. With this change in the industry, it has become increasingly important for those seeking to provide a place for a parent or seeking to help out an elderly loved one to compare affordable senior living communities and make the important decision on which location is worth the investment.

Woodland Ridge would like to share with you a few things to consider when touring senior living communities so that you and the senior in your life can make an informed, thoughtful decision. Choosing a senior living community is a monumental occasion, so finding the perfect community is essential to a loved one’s quality of life.

A Welcoming Experience

Senior living communities provide experiences to residents that they won’t necessarily find at home. In a community, your loved one is surrounded by people that have similar beliefs and values, while a regular neighborhood typically has a wide range of age groups, beliefs, and lifestyles. When your loved one is around others that have similar hobbies, they have more opportunities to network and make plenty of long-term friends in the community.

Upon arriving at Woodland Ridge, residents are greeted with a big smile and a helping hand. We believe that residents are the center of our community and they are the focus of everything we do. From exciting outings to Wii Bowling, we’re sure the senior in your life will find something they can enjoy with their new neighbors.

Enrichment Through Amenities

Although the amenities at an affordable senior living community like Woodland Ridge are both enjoyable and meaningful, they aren’t the only appealing aspects of the community. Amenities are an essential part of any community because they provide residents with a variety of activities, outings, and other enriching events. These amenities work to enhance your loved one’s experience during their stay.

At Woodland Ridge, we’re proud to offer various amenities, activities, and outings that our residents love, such as:
  • Barbershop and Salon
  • Wii Games
  • Cooking Club
  • Spacious Courtyards
  • Craft Classes
  • Seasonal Parties
  • Fitness Classes

Residents are free to enjoy the amenities they love and skip the ones they aren’t interested in. This approach allows Woodland Ridge to provide a unique, personalized experience to each of our residents.

Affordable Senior Apartments at Woodland Ridge

Supportive Atmospheres

The underlying purpose of affordable senior living communities is to provide exceptional care for your loved one while they support the pursuit of their goals. Professional staff members and environments tailored to seniors work to create a network of supportive resources for residents.

Housekeeping, nutritious meal plans, and on-site medical services allow a loved one to conveniently access programs that we design to help them throughout their stay. Our community features 24/7 staffing to ensure that none of our residents are ever left without a helping hand, no matter what time of day.

Other Supportive Services at Woodland Ridge include:
  • Wellness Screenings
  • Pet Therapy
  • Scheduled Transportation
  • Baptist, Non-Denominational, and Catholic Church Services
  • Life Enrichment Activities
  • Assistance with Daily Routine

Senior living communities are appealing because they offer support, excitement, and meaningful moments. It’s important to keep your loved one involved when searching for a community. They are going to ultimately decide whether the community is worth their investment.

At Woodland Ridge, our goal is to help residents make the most of their day, every day. Whether your loved one enjoys visiting with community pets for a warm hug or perhaps they would rather participate in a fitness class to get in shape, we’ve ensured that their wish will always come true.

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