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4 Healthy Recipes for Seniors on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the man who helped raise you and what better way than to make him a meal from the heart. After all, how many meals has this man prepared or paid for you throughout your life? Preparing a meal for dad can be a great way to show […]

The Basics About Macular Degeneration

The eyes have it . . . unfortunately. We’re seeing more and more people with macular degeneration as the population ages, and the Macular Degeneration Foundation gives some alarming statistics about the disease. According to the foundation, a new case is diagnosed every three minutes in the United States. The older a person is, the […]

How Can Caregivers Cope with Early Stages of Dementia?

We’ve worked with many family caregivers over the years, and we’ve learned how common it is for these caregivers to feel frustrated and alone. Often, family caregivers intuitively know their loved ones have had a change of some sort, but sometimes there is not a clear diagnosis to explain the changes. Those feelings of isolation […]

How Am I Going to Pay for Long Term Care?

  Until you need it, most people still do not realize that, in the State of Georgia, Medicare, Medicaid nor Health insurance contribute anything to the cost of long term care. This often comes as a huge shock to seniors and their families when the time comes that it is desperately needed. The next logical […]

The Woodland Ridge Foundation

  For many of our senior citizens, a lifetime of sacrifice and dedication to family, country, employers, community, and church have not been enough to guarantee they will be able to afford or get the care they need as they age. As a not-for-profit assisted living community, Woodland Ridge Assisted Living is contacted almost daily […]

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