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Technology and Progressive Treatment

At Woodland Ridge, we value the effectiveness of new technologies. Using the most modern resources available, we guarantee that you and your loved one will be immersed in an environment that fosters learning, caring, and healing. Our technology makes the experience we offer an industry standard.

Using Technology to Improve Care & Resident Experiences


SimpleC is a memory care technology we employ that focuses on a managed daily routine, healthy habits, celebrating a life story and family interaction. At Woodland Ridge, we go beyond the world of drug-based dementia and Alzheimer’s care and create therapies and applications that reinforce healthy behavior and functions.

It’s Never 2 Late (IN2L)

Woodland Ridge residents have access to the IN2L (It’s Never 2 Late) technology. IN2L is a customized, state-of-the-art computer system built especially for assisted living; the program provides safe and easy Internet access and email, allows activities adapted to each resident’s unique abilities and interests, enriches communication with family and community, increases cognitive stimulation and enables creative and meaningful dementia programming.


At Woodland Ridge, we keep residents safe, and that includes knowing who is coming into the community. To do that, we employ Accushield – a front-entry, digital, sign-in kiosk that screens and verifies third-party vendors and service providers. This technology verifies with a photo that every third-party vendor and service provider meets community-specific requirements before a badge is printed and entry is granted. The Accushield system checks that all vendors have a clear criminal background, sufficient liability insurance, adequate workers compensation, up-to-date immunization records, signed community waiver of liability and proper industry-specific training.

CaraSysted Living™ Technology

Our proprietary CaraSyst® technology helps to manage the care we deliver to our beloved residents. CaraSyst® provides the ability to stay informed regarding our residents needs or changes in condition. This documentation helps our staff stay informed about a resident’s care, if any changes in needs or conditions arise.

CaraSysted Living includes several key components:

Care Assessment

Before a new resident moves into The Springs, our resident care director will coordinate a care assessment. This assessment helps our staff understand the unique needs of each resident and is used to develop an initial care plan. Periodically, or as a resident’s condition changes, the care assessment is updated with the family.

The Resident Care Plans

Each resident’s care plan is tailored to meet his or her specific goals and desires, identifying both care management and service needs. Caregivers can interact appropriately by reviewing the resident’s specific interventions and understanding the flow of care services for the day. All of this is done using a secured portal to access the care plan via CaraSyst®.

Outcome Reporting

Last but not least, is the final piece of the CaraSysted® Living Program. This reporting and documentation feature provides the staff the ability to monitor any care changes in the care plan and keeps them abreast of any trends that need to be addressed. There may be times our resident care director will review these changes so they can be communicated to the families and provide an understanding regarding the care of their loved one.
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