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Depression in Seniors: Overcoming Stigmas

Depression in Seniors: Overcoming Stigmas by Woodland Ridge

Understanding and recognizing depression, especially in seniors, can be difficult. With over 300 million people worldwide showing symptoms of depression, it is a widespread problem, yet it continues to endure unyielding stigmatization.

Richard Garrett – Employee of the Month

Woodland Ridge Employee of the Month Richard

Woodland Ridge’s employee of the month for November is our Dining Director, Richard Garrett. Richard is from Talladega, Alabama growing up just 2 blocks from the speedway racetrack.

Senior Transportation Options & Tips

Woodland Ridge - Senior Transportation Options and Tips

As you get older, you may no longer have access to a car or it may feel more challenging to travel. However, there are plenty of senior transportation options available to get you where you need to go. Woodland Ridge Assisted Living understands the importance of senior transportation and how it can affect your feeling […]

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