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Here’s How the Friends for Life Program Works

Your Life Story

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Each resident’s Life Story™ is incorporated into his or her individual care plan.

We connect our residents with their history and family through advanced technology such as SimpleC™ and It’s Never Too Late™. We preserve the unique voice of those entrusted to our care.

When facing advanced memory loss, the journey is more important than the destination. All staff members are trained in the disease progression and how to use prompts-and-cues to facilitate a meaningful day and create Joy in the Moment™ experiences.

Joy in the Moment

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Imagine reminiscing about your favorite pastimes, watching sunsets in the garden, listening to your favorite music or dancing with your best friend.

By learning your Life Story™, our staff helps to recreate these special moments.

A Predictable Daily Rhythm

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Home is where you feel most comfortable.

By providing a predictable 24-hour rhythm, you rediscover the comfort of familiarity and find success in your personal care. Our person-centered approach helps you to wake up in the morning, to engage in life skills, to maintain relationships, to enjoy your favorite pastimes and interests, and to calm down at the end of each day.

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Staff and Family Training

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Great dementia care begins with a healthy understanding of the disease.

We educate families and caregivers by providing access to the Virtual Dementia Tour and in-depth dementia training. Our training programs focus on identifying residents’ challenges and learning how to prompt and cue residents to maintain their strengths.

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