Reading Time: 2 minutes At Woodland Ridge, we offer a variety of activities that provide health benefits to our residents. These activities do not need to include strenuous work; many, less intense activities offer just as much health benefits to seniors! The approach at Woodland Ridge is simple; provide our residents with activities that improve their health. We include Read More

Reading Time: 2 minutes As you get older, you may no longer have access to a car or it may feel more challenging to travel. However, there are plenty of senior transportation options available to get you where you need to go. Woodland Ridge Assisted Living understands the importance of senior transportation and how it can affect your feeling Read More

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the number of seniors living with Alzheimer’s in America increasing, there is also an increasing need for caregiving. Whether formal or informal, taking care of another individual with deteriorating cognitive abilities can take a toll on the caregiver. For most adult children, their parent’s needs will fall on them, and the weight of caregiving Read More

Reading Time: 3 minutes The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the breeze is warm, those are all beautiful effects of springtime. Getting out into the fresh air after being cooped inside all winter long is so rejuvenating for the soul, mind, and body. Spring is the perfect season to dust off your bike or clean out the Read More

Reading Time: 3 minutes We live in a world of opportunity, where there are many options all around us. Want to order something online? Hop on Amazon which offers well over 1 million items and has it delivered by drones right to your doorstep. While convenience like this and multiple options can be wonderful at times, there can also Read More

Reading Time: 2 minutes   It is reported that there are nearly 75 million Baby Boomers on the verge of retirement, with 10,000 to be added every day for the next 20 years. Most people look forward to not having to work anymore, but no one wants to embrace the old stigma of retirement. You may think of sitting Read More

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Having to choose the right care option for a family member or friend can be a rather challenging decision to make. There are a lot of different senior living options that can blend together. Maybe your family member needs help but does not require 24-hour care, which they would receive at a nursing home. Read More

Reading Time: 4 minutes   “I’m a 46-year-old controller for an international company. I’ve spent my life building my career and never imagined I’d be thinking about assisted living while changing diapers —especially not my mom’s diapers,” says Mark. Susan, a married mother of three teenagers who also cares for her ailing father who has congestive heart failure and Read More

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Families often consider moving a loved one or family member to assisted living when they are initially diagnosed with dementia or some other age-related issue. Naturally, the person in question raises emotionally based arguments to making a move and will vehemently object so the family will postpone the decision. Sooner than later, a crisis Read More

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Would $1600 a month make a difference in whether you or a loved one gets the care and support they need as they become dependent on assistance from a caregiver? Most people don’t know or understand all of the benefits that are available to the men and women who served their country during wartime. Read More