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How to Know if a Memory Care Facility Supports Alzheimer’s Progress

Make sure it is a memory care facility for your loved one with Alzheimer's, one designed to support those who are dealing with advanced memory-related challenges.

The moment you began looking into elder care, shortly after your mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s (or perhaps a different form of dementia), you felt overwhelmed. Assisted living was one of those options, but you weren’t certain if it was going to be the right one, at least not at that time. You didn’t know anything about memory care facilities. Now, it feels as though you could be an expert on the subject.

Memory Care Marietta GA - How to Know if a Memory Care Facility Supports Alzheimer’s Progress
Memory Care Marietta GA – How to Know if a Memory Care Facility Supports Alzheimer’s Progress

Between you, your mother, maybe your father or another loved one, siblings, and others, you have narrowed your choices down. One of those options is a memory care assisted living community. You took a tour, asked questions, and were diligent in finding out everything you could about this elder care choice.

You discussed it all with your mother, at least during her more lucid and cogent moments. It is heartbreaking to witness her struggling to remember things you just told her a few minutes ago, but you also recognize and realize that things are going to get tougher as the disease progresses.

Is this the right option for her moving forward?

To date, it might be your father, you, and perhaps other family members or close friends who have been taking on the lion’s share of work supporting her. You may not consider yourself a family caregiver, but if you are helping her out, doing grocery shopping with her, taking her to doctors’ appointments, reminding her to take medications appropriately, and assisting her with a variety of activities of daily living (ADLs), guess what?

You are a caregiver… of sorts. It’s difficult to let go of that level of control you have, especially if you’re visiting with her daily or at least every other day, at a minimum. So, how can you know if this memory care assisted living facility is the right one for her moving forward?

Is it a specific, designated memory care facility?

Not all assisted living facilities are the same. Not all of them are equipped and staffed with professionals who understand the importance of memory care support. There are numerous assisted living communities out there that can help seniors with basic memory-related challenges, sometimes that are directly associated with aging and not a disease like Alzheimer’s, but they aren’t equipped to support those with advanced Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Make sure it is a memory care facility, specifically designed to support those men and women who are dealing with advanced memory-related challenges.

Do you believe your mother will be comfortable there?

She might be in the advanced stages of the disease and already struggling to remember who you and other family members are from time to time. She might be at the beginning of this journey. Wherever she is, do you honestly feel she is going to be comfortable there?

Are the staff friendly and supportive? Do they encourage you and other loved ones to stay in contact on a reasonable schedule? Is it a safe facility?

Finally, is the senior on board with this decision for her memory care?

Depending on how advanced Alzheimer’s has become, your mother might have difficulty making decisions — the best decisions for herself — and relies on you for many of those important topics. Whatever the case may be, it is, ultimately, her life, so make sure she recognizes the value of this elder care decision you are both making.

If you or an aging loved one is considering a move to an Assisted Living Facility for Memory Care Services in Marietta GA please contact the caring staff at Woodland Ridge today. 770-431-7055

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