At Assisted Living, What a Day Might be Like

Assisted Living Marietta GA - At Assisted Living, What a Day Might be Like

Assisted Living Marietta GA-While assisted living may very well be one of the best elder care options an aging senior can consider, it isn’t for everyone. However, the vast majority of elderly men and women who move into assisted living ultimately love the experience.

Senior Care and Individual Rights at Assisted Living

Senior Care Marietta GA - Does a Senior Surrender Certain Rights at Assisted Living?

Senior Care Marietta GA-Assisted living is about helping aging men and women maintain quality of life and dignity in a community environment. That means they shouldn’t surrender any of their inalienable rights just to move in.

Supporting Your Senior’s Move to Assisted Living

Assisted Living Smyrna GA - Supporting Your Senior's Move to Assisted Living

Assisted Living Smyrna GA-For those who aren’t quite sure what they can do for a loved on, here are a few supports you might be able to offer, depending on where you live, how close you are to the individual, and what they might require.

Respite Care: A Short-Term Care Option in Smyrna, Georgia

With the number of seniors living with Alzheimer’s in America increasing, there is also an increasing need for caregiving. Whether formal or informal, taking care of another individual with deteriorating cognitive abilities can take a toll on the caregiver. For most adult children, their parent’s needs will fall on them, and the weight of caregiving […]

Three Ways Assisted Living Differs from a Skilled Nursing Facility

We live in a world of opportunity, where there are many options all around us. Want to order something online? Hop on Amazon which offers well over 1 million items and has it delivered by drones right to your doorstep. While convenience like this and multiple options can be wonderful at times, there can also […]