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Understanding How Weather Conditions Can Affect Your Health

how weather affects your health seniors at lake

  Weather can affect your plans, your mood, and even your health. Each season or weather condition comes with challenges that can create changes in our bodies and how we feel. Woodland Ridge, located in Smyrna, Georgia, understands how powerful weather can be (especially the Georgia humidity!). We’ve created this guide to help you understand […]

Activities at Woodland Ridge that Benefit (& Boost!) Senior Health

Woodland Ridge - Activities with Health Benefits to Seniors

At Woodland Ridge, we offer a variety of activities that provide health benefits to our residents. These activities do not need to include strenuous work; many, less intense activities offer just as much health benefits to seniors! The approach at Woodland Ridge is simple; provide our residents with activities that improve their health. We include […]

Preventing Phishing Scams That Target Seniors

Woodland Ridge Seniors Avoid Online Scams Blog

In today’s society, financial scams and fraudulent transactions are becoming increasingly more common. Scammers are evolving methods, becoming more aware online, disguising themselves as legitimate businesses, and targeting seniors that are unaware of the dangers of phishing. Many seniors aren’t aware of these popular internet scams that take advantage of thousands of people. Helping a […]

Eating Right is Eating Well

Woodland Ridge Senior Living Nutrition Tips

When it comes to maintaining your health, taking care of your nutrition is one of the top priorities. However, as people get older, they may require help to eat healthfully. Luckily, there are numerous options that you, your senior loved ones, or even a third party can do to help with this. Importance of Nutrition […]

Tips for Seniors to Manage Anxiety

Woodland Ridge Managing Senior Anxiety Blog

Anxiety is, unfortunately, common in older adults. According to the Geriatric Mental Health Foundation, the numbers of affected adults can range from 10 to 20 percent of all older Americans. This anxiety is the most common mental health problem among adult women and the second most among adult men. At Woodland Ridge, we know that […]

Travel Destinations for Seniors

Senior Traveling_Woodland Ridge

  Getting stuck in your everyday routine can be easy. But did you know? Monotony can lead some individuals to severe ailments, such as depression. If you have a close friend or relative in a nursing home, not traveling can actually have an adverse effect on them. Do your loved one a favor and plan […]

Spring Cleaning for Seniors: 10 Things to Throw Away Now

Spring is in the air! If you’re like us, you’ve been loving the warmer weather and the budding trees and flowers. Along with the spring air come pollen and dust, though, which is probably how we got the phrase “spring cleaning”! Spring is the perfect time of the year to take stock of what we […]

Your Health Care Director

  Do you have a primary care doctor you love? Are you happy to see your physician at least once a year for your annual physical exam? If you answered “yes” to those questions, you are already ahead of the game. There are many reasons why people avoid seeing a doctor at all costs, but […]

A Month for Hearts: February is American Heart Health Month

A dozen roses and some chocolate are good for your health! Yes, it’s true, eating chocolate can be heart-healthy if you choose the right chocolate—dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao. The best gift you can give your loved one this Valentine’s Day, though, is heart-health awareness. We hope you’ll take a few minutes during […]

10 Tips For Talking to Your Doctor

  Talking to your doctor can be easy and helpful, or frustrating at best. Have you ever felt excited to be talking to your doctor about a medical concern, only to leave feeling like the whole thing was a grueling event? You may wait a long, long time in the waiting room and, just when […]

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