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Travel Destinations for Seniors


Getting stuck in your everyday routine can be easy. But did you know? Monotony can lead some individuals to severe ailments, such as depression. If you have a close friend or relative in a nursing home, not traveling can actually have an adverse effect on them. Do your loved one a favor and plan an adventure together!

Benefits of Traveling

Exploring new regions creates fresh and exciting experiences. Seeing new sights, tasting exotic dishes, or hearing multiple dialects can transpire people to be better versions of themselves. According to the American Phycological Association, traveling can also benefit you by:

  1. Lowering your stress levels
  2. Boosting your immune system and creating stronger antibodies with diverse environment exposure
  3. Decreasing the risks of heart disease
  4. Improving brain health
  5. Improving physical fitness
  6. Increasing life expectancy

Get Going, Be Smart

Living in a nursing home or retirement community may lead some believe that they cannot travel. Fortunately, as long as you or a friend pack all essential medications, medical supplies, and receive clearance from a primary care physician, traveling is still a possibility!

Certain variants must be factored in when traveling with a senior. As mentioned, be sure to have all medical needs served and packed. Ensure you pack proper nutrient-dense foods, snacks, and plenty of water. Also, be sure to consider if there is an accessible doctor in the location you are traveling to. It may not be ideal to go to an isolated location if you or your travel buddy are seniors. Other factors to consider are accessibility to amenities, easy access for those with limited mobility and English-speaking destinations, in case of an emergency.

Where to Go

Traveling does not mean you or the senior in your life has to fly around the world. Some seniors in the United States have trouble acquiring out of country medical insurance or may not be cleared to fly. Luckily, there are some amazing travel locations right here in the United States!

📍Florida and Texas

A popular destination among seniors, Florida is warm and safe for senior travel. Some of the densest populations of senior living nursing homes are located in the Sunshine State. A fun trip could include some rounds of golf or a trip to the beach. This is a great travel destination for seniors, especially in the winter months to escape from the colder weather.

📍Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas doesn’t have the best reputation, this destination can be an amazing place for seniors. Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, has an array of shows that appeal to any age. Beyond that – there are performances, art shows, buffets and it is only a short trip to the Grand Canyon!


Home to the Scottsdale Desert Oasis Resort, Arizona is an ideal vacation for aging adults. The entire resort is senior friendly and with the dry, warm climate seniors can travel outdoors to admire the beautiful lakes and mountains.

There are plenty of places right here in the United States that can be the ideal travel destination for you and your senior friend needing a break. With all the health benefits associated with travel, there should be nothing stopping you!

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