Jean – April Resident of the Month

Woodland Ridge‘s April Resident of the Month is Jean! Ms. Jean was born in Newnan, Georgia. When her mother died, Jean was only three years old and came to live with her Grandmother in Atlanta. She says she was protected and well cared for by her Grandmom, who made sure Jean went to a private […]

Talking with Children About Alzheimer’s Disease

Talking with Children About Alzheimer’s Disease_ Woodland Ridge Senior Living

At Woodland Ridge, we know the impact an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can have on family, friends, and loved ones. While an adult may understand what it means for their loved one and their relationship, children often do not. 

Managing Long-Distance Caregiving

Managing Long-Distance Caregiving_ Woodland Ridge

As our parents or family members age, it is natural for us to want to help and care for them. However, what happens when your heart is in the right place, but physically speaking, you aren’t. This is the case for many who find themselves at a distance from a loved one who needs assistance. 

Woodland Ridge’s Executive Director Addresses Coronavirus Concerns

Dear Resident and/or Family Members: As many of you may know, the recent spread of the coronavirus around the world is justifying significant concern among the public and health professionals. Our commitment never wavers when it comes to the health and safety of our residents, and we are actively monitoring any developments of the new […]

Terry – March Resident of the Month

Woodland Ridge Resident Spotlight of the Month

Woodland Ridge’s March resident of the month is Terry. Terry was born in Greenville, Tennessee. She and her younger brother were military brats, so they lived in numerous places. They were in Wilksbury, Pennsylvania for the blizzard of 1976/1977, in Toledo, Ohio and eventually in Puerto Rico where they went through hurricane Hugo, but luckily […]

Michelle Hawkins – Employee of the Month

Woodland Ridge Employee Spotlight

Woodland Ridge’s March employee of the month is Michelle Hawkins. Michelle is originally from Richmond, Virginia. She’s the baby of the family and has 2 brothers and 2 sisters that she remembers playing games with as kids.

What Are the Most Beneficial Vitamins for Seniors?

What Are the Most Beneficial Vitamins for Seniors?_ Woodland Ridge

As we age, what our bodies require can shift. This includes the types of vitamins we consume, and how much we consume. Having a nutrient or vitamin deficiency as an older adult can cause significant effects on overall health and wellbeing.