Tracy Williams – March Employee of the Month

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Tracy Williams Woodland Ridge Employee of the Month Blog
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Our Woodland Ridge March Employee of the Month for March is Tracy Williams!

Tracy is a medical technician on our overnight shift, so you may not see her very often, but she is always diligently caring for our residents. She is from Georgia and has worked in long term care for 19 years. 11 of those years have been at Woodland Ridge!

Tracy tells us that she feels like she’s always been a caregiver and spends her days caring for some of her seven grandchildren who range in age from 11 months to 20 years. Tracy has two children and says one of her hobbies is playing with her grandkids. She enjoys shopping and movies too. Before becoming a professional caregiver, Tracy worked for a time at both the Internal Revenue Service and the post office.

When asked why she chose caregiving at Woodland Ridge, Tracy replied, “I like working with our residents. I love hearing their stories about their work and their kids. They always ask me about my family too.” It’s easy to see why Tracy is a favorite caregiver to our residents. She’s a caring light in the night!

Congratulations, Tracy!

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