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Our December Resident of the Month’s real name is Sandra Victoria, but she has always gone by the name Vickie. Born in Durham, North Carolina, Vickie went to Westminster High School and then graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She loved English and History in school, and her friends say she had one of the largest vocabularies they had ever heard and was very well educated.

Vickie had an especially close relationship with her mother and the two traveled the world together. Her first job was with DFACS or the Department of Family and Children’s Services. Vickie never did anything half-heartedly, she always went full steam ahead with anything she did. She was a case manager for 35 years for Fulton County DFACS working in Adult Protective Services helping so many people in need.


Besides enjoying traveling, Vickie loves clothes and jewelry, often going long periods of time without repeating an outfit. Vickie was known for her cooking skills and her love of her pets. She always had a cat and had portraits done of these favorite pets that now hang in her room here at Woodland Ridge.

While Vickie never had any children of her own, she was Aunt Vickie to her friend’s children and they love her. Among her friends, Vickie is known for her sense of humor and she still enjoys laughing with us. She loves music and has participated in every Dancing with the Senior Stars event that we’ve had at Woodland Ridge. She can’t hear a song without tapping her toes or getting up to dance. Vickie lives in our Memory Care neighborhood, and we are so fortunate to always have her happy, smiling face to greet us each time we see her.

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