Linda – June Resident of the Month

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Woodland Ridge Linda
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Our Woodland Ridge Resident of the Month for June is Linda! Ms. Linda grew up the oldest of four children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which has made her a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers football fan.

She has three younger brothers that she sometimes got into trouble with, so she was quite the troublemaker! She remembers her dad asking her mom if she wanted a mink coat or a boat. Her mom chose the boat, which was then aptly named ‘Mom’s mink.’ Linda has pictures in her room of the lake and the house where they lived in those days. She fondly recalls when they would waterski and go boating on the lake. In Butler, Pennsylvania, Linda went to St. Paul’s Butler High School and then Mt. Aloysius College, earning a degree in merchandising.

After college, Linda married and began her family. They lived in Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, and Georgia. She has five children, eight grandchildren, and they just welcomed their tenth great-grandchild earlier this year! Linda worked as a caregiver in private duty and for Catholic community services.

One of Linda’s best attributes is her humor, which she shared with her patients. She remembers one rowdy patient that was assigned to her because they knew Linda would stand up for herself. They ended up becoming friends because of her sense of humor. Linda has some wonderful family stories, like the time her dad threw the Christmas tree out the door because it kept falling over! Her mom refused to buy glass ornaments after that. She also remembers the time her husband nailed the Christmas tree to the floor to keep it standing. Linda naturally forgot the tree was anchored when she went to take it down! She says she had a good laugh at her own expense over that one.

Using computers, listening to music, and watching and discussing Steelers football games are among Linda’s favorite things to do. Depending on the time of year, you can find Linda in her Steelers colors during the football season, but you can also see her in her Atlanta Braves shirt during baseball season!

Linda is most proud of her family, her return to her religion, and her comeback from illness. She even managed to walk a few steps as a Christmas gift to her family! Since moving to Woodland Ridge, she’s made some good friends with both staff and residents. “I like living here because I’m doing what I was put in this situation to do, and that helps others to laugh and be happy.” Linda enjoys her connections with our staff too.

She wants to thank her children for all that they do for her. We love getting the chance to laugh along with Linda whether it’s on a lunch outing, a pet visit, or a music activity. Linda is a bright and funny soul that we are glad to have in our community!