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Senior Care News

Elder Care Smyrna GA - Winter Safety

Winter Safety

Elder Care Smyrna GA-Lower temperatures can lead to significant health problems. This is particularly true for seniors. Consider these precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from cold weather-related illness and injury.

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Elderly Care Smyrna GA - RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT - December 2022


Elderly Care Smyrna GA-Our Resident Spotlight shines on two of our residents this month! Both Ms. Shirley McGahan and Ms. Inez Oliver were honored for Positive Aging at an event from Leading Age, Georgia. Each honoree was recognized for the ways they continue to support their communities after they left the workforce.

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Senior Care Marietta SC - Choose Adult Briefs and Pull-ups Wisely

Choose Adult Briefs and Pull-ups Wisely

Senior Care Marietta SC-People living with incontinence can reduce their risk of pressure sores, UTIs, and falls, subsequently reducing their risk of ending up in the hospital by choosing high-quality incontinence products.

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Assisted Living Smyrna GA - EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT – December 2022


Assisted Living Smyrna GA-Our Employee Spotlight shines on Danielle Wills, our new Marketing Director. We’re so excited to have Danielle join our team. She has a wonderful, upbeat attitude, jumps in to help everyone, and loves seniors. A perfect fit for Woodland Ridge!

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Memory Care Marietta GA - Dementia and the Holidays

Dementia and the Holidays

Memory Care Marietta GA-When family time includes ones that have dementia it may be best to consider limiting the number of events that a loved one attends as well as limiting the amount of time spent and the level of stimulation.

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