Why Choose Assisted Living?

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Assisted Living Marietta GA - Why Choose Assisted Living?
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There are plenty of articles online talking about the benefits of assisted living. You may also find some topics discussing the limitations or frustration some people may have had with assisted living. In reality, most of those are based on misconceptions.

Assisted Living Marietta GA - Why Choose Assisted Living?

Assisted Living Marietta GA – Why Choose Assisted Living?

Sadly, too many people equate assisted living with nursing home care, though the two are completely different. In reality, those who have significant medical needs may have no other option but nursing home support. But, for those who may have mild or limited physical needs, chronic health issues, and other factors, assisted living can be a wonderful alternative to living alone or relying on family and friends every once in a while to help around the house or apartment.

There are plenty of reasons to choose assisted living.

At the end of the day, assisted living can be a wonderful option for people of advancing years, even those who may be dealing with chronic health issues, physical infirmities, or who have been diagnosed with some form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.

Let’s talk about a few of the key reasons why it would be beneficial for a senior who has specific needs to select assisted living for their future.

1. It offers some of the best support.

When a senior is at assisted living, they have access to physical and even emotional support around-the-clock. If they wake up in the middle night and are struggling to get out of bed to use the bathroom, for example, they can call on staff to help.

Throughout the day, they can lean on their peers or staff for any number of supports that may be necessary at a given time.

2. It offers a higher quality of life.

When some seniors are struggling to get through each day and are living at home, they may not be able to visit with friends, play games, and participate in other activities. That dramatically reduces quality of life for many people.

A robust, quality assisted living facility will have plenty of activities, entertainment, and space for people to mingle, talk, play games, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

3. It is about independent living.

Though not the same as “independent living” per se, assisted living is focused on helping seniors live as independently as possible given their diminished physical capacity or chronic and increasing health concerns.

You see, there are plenty of reasons to choose assisted living for yourself as you get older. When you have difficulties getting around, preparing meals, taking care of the house, or even getting out to the store or to visit with friends, consider assisted living. You’ll be happy you did.

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