Elizabeth – December Resident of the Month

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Woodland Ridge‘s Resident of the Month for December is Elizabeth. Ms. Elizabeth grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, and was the middle child of three sisters.

Her family lived across the street from an apple orchard, and they played in the orchard and rode the bicycle they shared. Other happy memories include playing in the snow and sledding. Ms. Elizabeth is still close to her sisters, even though they live in different states. Ms. Elizabeth’s parents were originally from Ikaria, Greece, so she learned her excellent baking skills from her parents. Since her father ran a hotel and restaurant, Elizabeth and her sisters’ first job was to help bus tables and work in the kitchen.

The Greek community would have festivals and dances, which is where Elizabeth met her husband. They were married for over 35 years and had two sons, Alex and Chris. Before her children were born, Ms. Elizabeth worked as a keypunch operator for a few years. Once her sons were older, she decided she wanted to go back to work and got her driver’s license when she was 40 years old and got a job at the new Walmart store working in maintenance. She put in 25 years before retiring!

When asked for family stories, her son, Alex, remembered their cat, Mittens, and how the cat took over the manger scene Elizabeth had set up for Christmas. The cat managed to trample all over the wise men and baby Jesus and tried to turn the scene into a cat bed! Ms. Elizabeth loves Christmas and has a real knack for decorating for the season, as well as putting together her outfits and jewelry. For Ms. Elizabeth, family is the most important thing in her life. They are her world.

Woodland Ridge is so fortunate to have Ms. Elizabeth as a part of our family too! She is a kind, sweet soul that treats everyone with respect and love.

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