Seniors Build a Barrier to the Topic of Assisted Living

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Assisted Living Marietta GA - One Common Barrier Seniors Build to Resist the Topic of Assisted Living
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When people age and begin facing chronic health issues, injuries that lead to physical infirmities or limitations, or other factors, the topic of assisted living may arise. Or, at the very least, topics involving moving or a change in life move to the fore of their life.

When we don’t want to deal with some issue, what tends to happen? We usually start working on excuses to not face them. Sometimes this happens behind the scenes, in our subconscious. Other times it is certainly deliberate.

When family or friends start bringing up these topics, that’s when the excuses tend to take shape. Those family and friends begin to hear pushback on the subject of assisted living.

A common objection.
Assisted Living Marietta GA - One Common Barrier Seniors Build to Resist the Topic of Assisted Living

Assisted Living Marietta GA – Seniors Build a Barrier to the Topic of Assisted Living

One of the most common objections people may have with regard to assisted living is cost. They may immediately say it’s merely too expensive to consider at this time in their life.

While assisted living may certainly seem costly to some, that’s because they are not seeing the entirety of the scene. They’re not seeing the ‘whole’ picture.

They might think about their mortgage, rent, or property taxes as the only real expenses, or at the least the only one they use to measure cost of living. But there are many other expenses most people face regularly that begin to really add up.

If a senior is paying $1,000 per month for a mortgage or property taxes, what about utilities? Between electricity bill, water, sewer, garbage collection, cable and internet, and so forth, that could tack on another $400 to $600 or more, depending on where they live.

Then you need to think about other expenses, such as food. Seniors certainly don’t eat like teenagers, but they still need food to live. That is included in the cost of assisted living.

But you also have transportation services that may be provided by the facility, arts and crafts, entertainment, exercise fitness facilities, and more than may be possible at certain assisted living communities.

Focusing first on cost causes the individual to overlook or completely miss out on the key factors that make assisted living so great as an option.

If you are met with this common initial objection from an aging senior in your life when discussing assisted living, focus on the benefits they would enjoy. Shift their focus to what they may gain by moving into assisted living, rather than letting them focus on what they could lose.

Assisted living truly can be a win-win for seniors who need support or no longer wish to deal with the responsibilities of living alone or maintaining and cleaning their home.

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