Four Ideas for Solving Hydration Problems for Your Senior

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Elder Care Marietta GA - Four Ideas for Solving Hydration Problems for Your Senior
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When your elderly family member doesn’t drink enough water, or even enough fluids at all, that can cause serious health problems for her. Dehydration is no joke, and it can contribute to low blood pressure, bladder and kidney problems, and so much more that your senior wants to avoid. It can even make existing health issues that much more difficult to manage.

Elder Care Marietta GA - Four Ideas for Solving Hydration Problems for Your Senior

Elder Care Marietta GA – Four Ideas for Solving Hydration Problems for Your Senior

If She Feels Thirsty, She’s Already Behind

It’s really important to remember that if your elderly family member is expressing thirst, that means that she’s already a little bit behind the curve. As your senior ages, her sense of thirst fades a bit and it’s more difficult for her to recognize that her body needs more water. This is why sipping fluids consistently needs to be more of a habit and less reliant on thirst.

Offer Fluids All Day Long

Encourage your senior to sip fluids all day long. Help her to figure out what the most enjoyable option is for her. Some people only enjoy ice cold water, while other people prefer room temperature water or only prefer sipping water through a straw. Figuring out your senior’s preferences helps you to ensure that she’s getting hydration in the way that is most beneficial for her.

Consider Broth and Soup for Snacks

Lots of people don’t like water because it doesn’t taste like much of anything. One way around this is to offer bone broth and broth-based soups for snacks. They can offer a lot of nutrition while also being very hydrating. Opting for low-sodium options might be a good idea based on your senior’s other health issues. Experiment with different types of broths and soups to find versions your senior likes.

Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor about Other Options

There might be more that you can do, too. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what those options might be. It’s also a good idea to get a full picture of what your senior’s ideal target is for hydration. The general rule of eight 8-ounce glasses of water is a rule of thumb, but you can get more specific with that goal and meet your senior’s personal needs.

Keeping up with hydration can feel difficult and even annoying for your senior. Working with elder care providers can give your senior some help with other tasks when she needs it as well as companionship and someone to remind her to keep hydrating.

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