Supporting Your Senior’s Move to Assisted Living

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Assisted Living Smyrna GA - Supporting Your Senior's Move to Assisted Living
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Moving into assisted living can simultaneously be an exciting preposition and one mired with stress. Even for people who are excited about a move, the entire process can be overwhelming. That doesn’t change just because you are retired or reached a certain age in life.

Assisted Living Smyrna GA - Supporting Your Senior's Move to Assisted Living

Assisted Living Smyrna GA – Supporting Your Senior’s Move to Assisted Living

Family and friends often rally around their aging loved ones when they struggle with daily tasks or with a major move like this. For those who aren’t quite sure what they can do for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, a spouse, or even a sibling or friend, below are a few supports you might be able to offer, depending on where you live, how close you are to the individual, and what they might require.

Support #1: Emotional.

Just being there, calling this senior on a regular basis, checking in with them, seeing how they are, and listening are all valuable ways to show you care.

Sometimes, a person in this situation may dismiss concerns about their well-being, but more out of a sense of pride or dignity. Just calling and checking in, seeing how they’re doing, and listening to what they say can be a great lift.

You don’t have to say anything, really, if you are calling to talk. That emotional lift could be more than enough to keep them focused on the positives of a move to assisted living.

And, remember, when you call after the move, that could be exactly what they need to feel connected still.

Support #2: Physical.

If you live close enough to this senior that it makes sense, why not offer to help them pack up the house, donate items, find family and friends to give things to, move personal belongings into a storage unit, or even into the assisted living facility.

That physical support is going to be incredibly important for those who have diminished physical strength and capacity.

Support #3: Encouragement About Moving to Assisted Living.

Even for somebody who might be excited about this, they will still be nervous. There are a lot of unknowns when moving into assisted living.

Choosing a quality facility is vital, but even when you find the best one in the world, the senior will likely be nervous. They may even experience some level of homesickness once they move in.

Your encouragement, being proud of what they have accomplished and what they’re doing, and reminding them of the activities and other benefits of assisted living offers can help them focus when they start getting worried, nervous, or have that homesick feeling.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering a move to an Assisted Living Facility  in Smyrna GA please contact the caring staff at Woodland Ridge today. 770-431-7055

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