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Tips to Dining Out with Diabetes

Living in a senior living community certainly does not mean that enjoying your nightlife is over! Many of our residents enjoy dining out with family during their visits. While families are welcome to join us at dinner within our community, it is an extra special treat for residents to experience a change of scenery and dine out. However, if you are a senior with diabetes, it can be challenging to understand what to order or be able to eat out without risking your health.

Woodland Ridge understands what recipes are healthy and suitable for those with diabetes, but what if you want to eat out at a restaurant? For some families, they do not want to risk their loved one’s health by taking them out to a place where not every ingredient on the menu is disclosed. However, do not swear off eating out just yet!  Here are 4 tips for eating out with diabetes to get in control of your food:

Tip 1

The first important thing to remember if you are planning on eating out with a friend or family member is that you should eat healthy throughout the day around your outing. If you do not eat enough to make up for a meal later, your glucose levels will drop. If your blood sugar levels are too low, you will either get sick or tend to overeat at the restaurant. Try to eat a healthy and well-balanced meal up to an hour before the meal for better glucose control.

Tip 2

When eating out with family or friends, be sure to make a reservation. It is essential for a senior that is living with diabetes to eat regularly. If you know what time you are to be seated at the restaurant, you can plan out the rest of your meals accordingly.

Tip 3

Split it – If you want to order a menu item but are unsure of all the ingredients, instead of risking your glucose levels, control your portions by splitting your entrée with a close friend or loved one. Another great reason to split your meal is that most restaurants include more than one adult portion in their serving sizes. Splitting your meal will help control your weight and your blood sugar.

Tip 4

We know how tempting it is to see a basket of warm buttery bread, but to eat out correctly with diabetes, you need to be strong and skip it! The refined sugars in white bread will interfere with your blood sugar levels and cause dangerous complications. If you would like to enjoy a roll or slice of bread, ask your waiter for whole wheat options. It is never a bad idea to tell your waiter about your dietary restrictions so that they may make suggestions in regards to your meal. However, you should not put all your faith into the server, as they may not know the entire menu or all ingredients.

The safest way to go about ordering is to speak with the chef at your restaurant. In some cases, the chef may not have time to step away from the kitchen, or you may feel uncomfortable asking for such a request. If you are a diabetic senior, be sure to follow these 4 tips when planning to eat out with friends or family.

Woodland Ridge wants all of our residents to be healthy and to live without restrictions. If you are a senior living with diabetes, know your nights out are not over! If you would like to learn more helpful tips, then be sure to subscribe to our blog!

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