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SimpleC Technology Arrives at Woodland Ridge


Woodland Ridge is proud to announce the integration of SimpleC as a tool for helping our residents with advanced dementia. The Meadows, our Memory Care neighborhood, is now completely high-tech with this state-of-the-art therapy.

This product is as simple as a touch screen computer yet complex enough to increase daily activity, meal consumption and even create closer interpersonal connections in residents.

The SimpleC Companion was created about 5 years ago. This product uses audio and visual therapy to help restore memory and assist residents with daily activity. The non-drug therapy is grouped into four categories: reminiscence, music, orientation and trusted voice (SimpleC, 2011).

The best description of the SimpleC Companion that is now in use in The Meadows at Woodland Ridge was published in a journal from Georgia Tech that worked with co-founder, Jason Zamer, on the development of the product.

“SimpleC helps elderly adults suffering from dementia, depression, and other mental ailments by employing a customized non-drug intervention delivered via touch screen computer directly to the individual. Pictures, music, voices, and other memorable elements of an individual’s life are collected and entered into a customized delivery system that then creates a uniquely profound visual and auditory experience. The content is presented in such a way to be pleasantly and powerfully evocative so that the memory centers of the brain are exercised and strengthened, which positively affects mood, participation in social activities, and overall mental health. All of these effects foster a much healthier life for not only the patient, but also the caregiver and the family, who experience much more pleasant interactions with their loved ones.”

The Companion has proven results and is currently used in about 10 facilities throughout Georgia, including Emory University’s Wesley Woods Senior Living facility and Woodland Ridge Assisted Living in Smyrna, Georgia. We are very excited to incorporate this high-tech, high-touch, tool into the Memory Care Program here at Woodland Ridge.

SimpleC is in the process of collecting research in three areas: late-life depression, restorative nursing, and stabilization. Some of the universities collaborating with SimpleC on this research are Emory University, the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University.

Call us for a tour and demonstration of this ground-breaking technology for quality care in assisted living.

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