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The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the breeze is warm, those are all beautiful effects of springtime. Getting out into the fresh air after being cooped inside all winter long is so rejuvenating for the soul, mind, and body. Spring is the perfect season to dust off your bike or clean out the pool. Of course, you and your family will start to have more outings in the nice weather. But what if your mom or dad is in a senior living community? That is precisely why we compiled this list of spring activities for Woodland Ridge assisted living residents, their families, and other seniors as well!

Eating Outdoors

Eating has always been considered a family bonding event and can be multigenerational. So why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and plan a meal outside. The most traditional sense of eating outdoors is to have a family picnic. The fun can even begin in the prepping stages. Pick up mom or dad from the assisted living community at Woodland Ridge and make sandwiches, wrap, potato salad, or whatever you want to include in your picnic. Then choose a local park with a picnic table or just go out in the backyard for your picnic. Another way to enjoy a meal in the fresh springtime air without all the hassle is to make a reservation at a restaurant with outdoor seating.

Get Moving

After a long winter, it is easy to put on a few pounds from holiday treats and being stuck indoors. So why not get a head start on your spring body while helping mom or dad be productive as well? One of the best ways to help your loved ones get fresh air and exercise is just to simply take the dog for a walk or stroll around the community. It is important just to get mom or dad up and moving. Other ideas for exercising outside with an older adult are going swimming, playing a round of golf or playing croquet. If mobility may be of concern, try something less physical such as blowing bubbles or feeding the ducks at a local pond.

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Get Green

Being green can mean a multitude of things. The term “going green” relates to recycling and the spring is a great time to help out our planet. Most families partake in spring cleaning already, so why not make take the step and be sure to separate recyclables. The term to “get green” applies to gardens. Help mom or dad start their very own garden. You can plant fruits, veggies, or herbs, and then use them in deliciously healthy dishes when they’re ready in a few months. If your parent lives in a community without garden space, just visiting a public garden, local park, or plant nursery is a great way to submerge yourself in the greens of spring.

Whether you and your loved one are eating, exercising, or planting, help them get out and enjoy the beautiful springtime. You both deserve to stop and smell the flowers every once and a while! Woodland Ridge Assisted Living Communities encourage you to come and help your loved one enjoy the spring. Check out our upcoming events to see if there are any days you would like to join in on and make memories with your loved one!

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