Movin’ and Groovin’ at Woodland Ridge

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Dancing with the Senior Stars 2016

Dancing with the Senior Stars 2016

It’s a magical night when Woodland Ridge dancers hit the stage! Woodland Ridge’s second annual Dancing with the Senior Stars event was a huge success if you measure success by faces that are smiling, feet that are tapping, and hips that are shaking. That’s how we roll—or rather, that’s how we rock ‘n roll!

Studies have shown how effective music can be at engaging even the most reticent of patients. Even those who have lost much of their ability to communicate verbally or who don’t have the ability to move as freely as they once did have strong and positive reactions to music. But we already know that’s the case. We use music every day at Woodland Ridge because music has the power to bring us all together in such a special way regardless of physical or cognitive limitations. Music empowers us and ignites us.

At our Dancing with the Senior Stars event, residents partnered with staff dancers and won trophies in a variety of categories including Best Song, Most Elegant, Most Energetic, Best Choreography, Best Outifit, and others. All the Dancing with the Senior Stars 2016dancers told us how special they felt that evening and how good it made them feel to dance. A little pampering helped make the night special as well! We are so grateful to model Kimberly Rousseau and her friends Shane and Dreka who visited us to do the ladies’ makeup and to hairdresser Alicia Polk who did the ladies’ hair for the event.

Other volunteers who made the night special were emcee Craig McCarver of Pruitt Healthcare and our team of judges Jackie Hogan of Encompass Home Health, Bridget Kurt of Homestead Hospice, Miles Hurley of Hurley Elder Care Law, and nurse Kristy Maples. Our DJ for the evening was Bill Gleason, who even sang a Frank Sinatra song for one of our dance teams!

Dancing with the Senior Stars 2016Thanks to our volunteers and our families for helping us brighten the horizon with our senior stars! If you missed it, you can see videos on our Facebook page. Be on the lookout next July for an announcement about next year’s event as it’s sure to be a special night you won’t want to miss!